MadMusick is composed by the brothers Giencarlos Rivera and Jonathan Rivera, better known in the music industry as Yan MadMusick and Yon MadMusick.

This duo of composers, had their beginnings in music at the age of 12 and 13 years old, in charge of several musical projects in the area of gospel music.

While living in the city of Orlando, Florida, they decide to travel to their country of origin San Juan, Puerto Rico, with the entourage of giving free rein to their dreams and thus seek the opportunity to work with the greatest artists of the urban genre, as with the famous producer Francisco Saldaña.

At the age of 16 and 17 years old, Yan and Yon participate in their first musical project with Dyland and Lenni, a duo of urban music, which was launched by the International Record Label, Sony Music, producing six tracks on the album and taking part in their first promotional single "Caliente", making presence in the video clip.

MadMusick has worked with top sellers of urban Latin music worldwide such as Daddy Yankee with the production of "Limbo", which went 22 consecutive weeks first place in the Billboards, also Llandel Malavé, better known as Yandel, Wisin, Maluma, Zion and Lennox, Danny Dayan, Alexis and Fido, among others.

The brothers, Yan and Yon MadMusick, are winners of the Latin Song Of The Year, 2014 ASCAP Award, with Limbo and the Best Urban Song Of the Year, "Rompe La Cintura" by Alexis and Fido.

This same year 2014, with just about three years in the international market, MadMusick had four nominations in the Latin Grammy Awards, and now back in the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards, MadMusick has two nominations for their collaboration with two musical cuts in each "Líder A Leyenda" and "La Esencia" projects.

MadMusick has twelve (12) years of experience in international music; they are noted for their commercial ear and perception of what people would like to hear on the radio worldwide.

MadMusick's productions have helped several singers to win awards and have great performances in different places around the world. The sound of different musical fusions, leads the artist to create a story to an interpretive and visual level of excellence in every music track produced by the brothers Yan and Yon MadMusick.

MadMusick was responsible for producing one of the themes that helped the 'crossover' of the famous young singer in the networks and currently host of "La Voz Kid Colombia", Maluma, with "La Temperatura", which has been sung by thousands of young people who like music, as well as sounded in major radio stations of the United States of America, played by the most prestigious DJs; "La Temperatura" is a must at parties, discotheques and night clubs, giving them the chance to do various remix and give performances in Brazil and several places in the world. MadMusick is currently producing several themes that support the growth of Maluma as an interpreter and songwriter with the songs "Addicted" and "Carnaval."

Song "LIMBO": Limbo, is the fourth official single that emerges from the album, Prestige, of the Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee and musically produced by MadMusick Giencarlos and Jonathan Rivera. It was released, officially, along with the album, on the 11th of September of 2012. Despite not being of the genre of reggaeton, the song was widely accepted internationally, being a huge success, in addition to exceeding 200 million views on the artist's official channel, VEVO. Limbo, has been presented at major venues in various parts of the world, including, with great success in Dubai, United States and Chile among others. Due to its great, catchy and danceable rhythm, Limbo, is highly respected in the company ZUMBA. Limbo, was chosen among 49 songs for the video game, Just Dance 2014, released for the Wii consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360, respectively, for Europe, United Kingdom and America. Soon, it will arrive for the new generation consoles, PS4 and Xbox One.

Yan and Yon Madmusick have participated in two video clips, such as, "Caliente" and "La Temperatura", since they like to present their work as DJ producers, with a fresh, youthful and commercial concept.

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